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We are a travel couple in Zimbabwe that are happy to help with all your wanderlust needs, getting you from Zimbabwe to the world and getting the world to Zimbabwe. Whether it’s catching fish off a houseboat in Kariba, hiking in the Eastern Highlands or visiting the magnificent Chilojo Cliffs in Gonarezhou we can help you make the arrangements to ensure you have the best experience possible! Looking to get out of Africa? We have travelled Europes top cities extensively and would be happy to provide you with travel tips as well as book and create itineraries for your overseas travels.

Untitled design (64)ABOUT US

We are a young, enthusiastic Zimbabwean couple eager to explore all the worlds landscapes, experience different cultures and meet new people. This website started up as a way of sharing our travels with friends and family while studying our Masters in the Netherlands. After seeing and learning as much as we have, we want to help others make the most of their journey around the globe. We are and have always been passionate about our home country Zimbabwe, and we would like to be a apart of and contribute to its exciting new future, ARISE ZIMBABWE!

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Get in Touch 

If you’re looking to visit the beautiful, wild and diverse lands of Zimbabwe then you have found the perfect holiday planner. If you’re looking to travel outside of Zimbabwe and Europe is  calling your name then get in touch and we can help you get there! We look forward having you in Zimbabwe or assisting you with you travels abroad.

Any further questions about what we do or would like to book a trip to Zimbabwe/ Europe or study in Europe, please email fromzimbabweto@gmail.com and we will be happy to help you!

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