Welcome to Zimbabweto

Untitled design (64)12401883_10153330270384607_9042363059886627232_oUntitled design (64)Welcome to Zimbabweto! We are a travel company in Zimbabwe that offers all your wanderlust needs, getting you from Zimbabwe to the world and getting the world to Zimbabwe. Whether it’s studying abroad in the Netherlands or visiting Kariba on Royal Game Houseboat in Zimbabwe, we are determined to give you the best experiences possible.

Royal Game Houseboat, Zimbabwe


Moored at Marineland in Kariba, Zimbabwe. Royal Game offers guests the ultimate Kariba experience. Wake up with the sun, travel to a new island everyday and fall asleep under the stars. Email fromzimbabweto@gmail.com or fill in the Contact Form here.

Utrecht, The Netherlands


If you’re looking to visit the beautiful, wild and diverse lands of Zimbabwe then you have found the perfect holiday planner. If you’re looking to study outside of Zimbabwe and the Netherlands (or the tulips) are calling your name then get in touch and we can help you get there! We look forward having you in Zimbabwe or assisting you with you travels to the Netherlands.Untitled design (64)Our Latest VideoΒ 

Untitled design (64)



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