The Croatia Days: Things to do and Places to see

So after just six days in the Netherlands, we were ready for a holiday! We said goodbye to the rain in Amsterdam and embraced being under the European sun. Here are some things we think you absolutely have to do when you’re in Croatia.

Eat Ice Cream everyday!

The ice creams in Croatia have ruined me for all other ice creams, they are absolutely delicious! They are an essential in the hot summer days and for 12 Croatian Kuna (which is about €2) or less you can get two luscious scoops.


Walk through the Marjan Hills in Split

If you need a break from the tourists then this is the activity for you. We strolled down dusty roads for hours without seeing a single soul. The views were breathtaking. The first time we saw people again was when we stopped at a charming rocky spot for a swim and a sandwich.


Go to the Krka National Park

There were far too many tourists for our liking. However, the waterfalls were spectacular and you can see the fish swimming in between all the people under the crystal clear water. I would recommend going very early in the morning if you want to walk around the park and have a swim without being surrounded by hundreds of people.


Have a drink on the Promenade 

An expensive one at that but it has to be done. Take a break from the sun, sit, have a cold cocktail or a big beer to quench your thirst and watch the sun dance on the water.


Go on a Catamaran

This cost a good €93 but it was money well spent. From 9AM to 7PM we were provided with breakfast, lunch, snacks and endless drinks. We cruised around islands, snorkelled near the islands, stopped for a tour in Hvar, met new people and danced on the deck while the sun set. If we were to do Croatia again it would be on a boat.


Have a swim in Hvar

Hvar was one of our stops on the catamaran tour. Chalk white aged buildings, no nudity signs and crystal clear water. A quiet little town where women often gave birth on the journey to a hospital due to a lack medical care on the island. Somewhere we hadn’t planned on going but a place where we would have liked to explore more.


Dinner with a View near the City Walls and Fort Lovrijenac

The restaurant Dubravka 1836 provides a spectacular scene of old pirate ships, the city walls and Fort Lovrijenac. Enjoy a glass of rose (or a beer), a pizza, watch the sun go down and take it all in.


Go Kayaking in Dubrovnik 

It was a nice to use our arms instead of our legs for a change! We chose to go around the Island of Lokrum to see a beautiful cave. We were told about the legend of the monks who put a curse on the island after they could not afford to live there anymore. The legend says that the three consecutive owners – who bought the island after the monks left – died of unatural causes. Also, we went swimming with baby fish and saw some naked people – not the hilight of the trip but it was certainly a sight to see!


Walk the City Walls

We planned it so we were up on the walls as the sun was setting. Another stunning view of Dubrovnik. Wear some comfy shoes, it’s a long, beautiful walk!


Go to Sveti Jakov beach

We called this “our beach”. There were less people, it was quiet, the beers were cheap and it was beautiful. It’s the locals beach, spotted with purple umbrellas and children catching sea urchins – we loved it!


Go to the top of Mount Srd and see all of Dubrovnik 

Take the cable car for €20 there and back or hike to the top of Mount Srd. We were told the walk up takes about three hours and it is shorter on the way down. It was boiling hot and we were having lunch with friends we met on the Catamaran, so we took the cable up. The red and orange houses agaist the blue backdrop of the Mediterranean make for a magnificent sight. The Panorama restaurant is expensive but the view from a seat on the outside deck is breathtaking.


Warm, beautiful, picturesque. Croatia is a beach perfect holiday destination. Check out our video here and feel free to get hold of me if you have any questions!



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