The Perfect Christmas Cake Recipe

The holiday season at home in Zimbabwe is always accompanied by copious amounts of delicious Christmas cake and my grandmas/mums just happens to be the best. Maybe I am biased – being that it is a family recipe – but a friend of ours has recently said that this year he will be writing a song about the flavorful cake!  If you don’t take my word for it, you can certainly take his, or you can make it and judge for yourself. It really isn’t the season to be jolly without one! So here is my families not-so-secret Christmas cake recipe:

Christmas Cake


340grams flour

340grams butter

227 grams dark brown sugar

6 eggs

1 teaspoon mixed spice

3/4 teaspoon bicarb

1/2 teaspoon salt

900 grams mixed fruit

114 grams cherries

1/2 glass brandy


100 grams plain almonds

100 grams macadamias

50 grams cherries


Pour brandy over fruit – cream butter and sugar – add eggs one at a time – mix well. Add sifted dry ingredients and fruit alternately. If it is too dry, add some milk. Bake at 150 f-degrees for one and a half hours. Check if the cake is cooked by inserting a needle – if the needle comes out with no mixture on it then it is done. When ready allow to cool then stab all over – pour brandy over cake. Cake tin size of 9.5 inches by 3 inches high which is a bit small so you can usually make a smaller cake as well. Do not pour too much brandy over the cake at the end.

Add your cherries, macadamias and almonds to the top of your cake in whichever pattern you prefer.



Hope you enjoy our delicious, brandy-filled Christmas cake.


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