Utrecht’s Iridescent White Blanket

On Monday the Dutch government issued a code red, which apparently means heavy snow and bad weather. My lectures were cancelled, we were warned about train disruptions and even the Utrecht library sent students home . While the rest of the Netherlands locked their doors and turned up their radiators, I put on my long, black boots and ventured into the bleached streets of Utrecht. 

Being born and raised in southern Africa: snow is a novelty and white winters are a foreign concept. When I was studying in South Africa, my boyfriend, my housemate and I drove for three hours just to see snow melt! So, to see the powdery dust falling from the sky was pure bliss. Here are just a few scenes from my explorations.


Sugar coated houses.


Empty benches.


Early morning colours and crystals.


Red Blossoms.


Blue skies and tyre tracks.




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