How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview can be daunting – in April this year, I have to do an internship for my Masters degree, so going to interviews is becoming apart of my regular routine. In the past I let my worries of what might happen get the better of me. Here are some tips that helped me when I was preparing for my first interview and all the others after that. Be confident and try relax, you can’t be the best version of yourself when you’re nervous. Typically 200 to 300 CV’s are sent in for every job opportunity, about six of those people get called in and finally only one person gets the job. Lets help you be that person!

Do your research

Understanding what is expected of you is very important. Look up what is required in your position based on what is or was demanded of someone doing your job. It would be beneficial to read up on the company you plan to work for as you may be asked about their other branches, what the company does as a whole, what you think about their online presence and plenty of others. Some interview questions can be difficult to answer especially when you are taken off guard so have a look at these interview questions to help you prepare.

Dress the part

Again, you will need to do a bit of research. Have a look at the images on the companies website (if they have one) and that should give you an indication about the kind of way you will be expected to dress. If they don’t have a website or there are no pictures of people that work there it is best to dress smart it sets a good first impression. There is no way you can be too smart for  an interview, it shows the interviewer that you respect them and you present them the best version of yourself.

Show up on time

Leave home extra early to avoid traffic, a flat tire or any other inconveniences that may cause you to be late for your interview. Arriving late gives the impression that you are not committed or invested in the job opportunity – no matter what excuse you give whether it is true or false.

Ask questions

Yes, the point of the interview is for them to ask you questions to determine whether you can do the job but it is also important for you to ask some questions. Leave that question about your salary closer to the middle or end of the interview. Ask what is expected of you and explain what you understand to be required. At the end of an interview I was told to ask if there was anything on my CV that they wanted to know about. It was a helpful tip and there some things they were curious about.

new-piktochart_19774999 (3)

Depending on position interviews can last from one hour up to about five hours so definitely go prepared. This was some of the advice I was given and it has worked so hope it helps!





2 thoughts

  1. If possible do the right kind of research wherein you might presents some innovative ideas on company procedures or little known trends in the industry. A hard one – “What do you have to offer that the other people in this stack of applications may not ?” Have letters of recommendation that emphasize particular skills instead of gushing lavish praise.

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    1. Very true! Always need to be prepared for those questions, I have also been asked “why this industry and why this job” so very important to know what your strengths are within the industry 🙂


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