How to set up your DJI Mavic Pro

When I first started trying to fly my drone I was terrified. They are expensive (as you know) and I wanted to do everything properly. There are so many different pieces to assemble, charge and learn about so if you are in the same boat that I was in, here are the steps you can take to set up your drone before flying it!

Step One: Charge the battery and the controller. The battery plugs into the charger and the controller has a charging point like any other tech gadget.

Step Two: Go and download the DJI Go app from either the App store or Google play. Once the app is launched on your phone you can go ahead and create your DJI account.

Step Three: Connect your phone and the controller. There are two cables, one for android and one for iPhone, choose the one that is compatible with your device. Once you have done this, you need to lift up the the two flaps on the controller to get a signal.

Step Four: Download any updates that pop up. Make sure you have an internet connection and that your phone is connected by the wire. To turn on the controller by pressing the button once quickly and then again only this time hold it down. You will see the screen start up now.

Step Five: Now, unfold the mavic and take the propellers out. There are two kinds of propellers: one set will have a white ring on the top and the other will not. You need to match the one with the white ring to the propeller mount with a white ring and the one without a white ring to the propeller mount without the the white ring. Align the mounts with the holes in the motor, push down and rotate to mount the propellers.

Step Six: Turn on the mavic the same way you turned on the controller (press the button once quickly and then again only this time hold it down).

Step Seven: Calibration. Now you need to calibrate your drone. This is the compass that tells the drone what direction it is facing. Each time you change locations you need to calibrate it again. On your camera in the DJI GO app you should see the camera and you should be able to see the aircraft status page. Go to the section called compass and touch the calibrate button. Now you will be told to rotate your drone 360 degrees horizontally. After you have done this the light on your drone should change from yellow to green and then it will ask you to do the same thing vertically. This means that the drone should be sideways now (camera facing up or down). The other way to calibrate is by pushing sport mode up and down between three and five times.

Step Eight: Now you can start flying! Make sure you are in a space where you are allowed to fly your drone and that you have at least fifty metres of space around you. Establish your home point by looking where the ‘H’ on the camera is and where you are. For your first few flights it might help to fly in beginner mode. To take off touch the take of button and slide to launch the drone. Now you can start to get a feel for the controls. On the right stick, pushing forward or back will make the drone fly forward and back, pushing it left and right will make the drone fly left or right. On the left stick, pushing up or down will make the drone go up or down, pushing left or right will make the drone rotate left and right.

Step Nine: Take some photos! If you look at the DJI GO app, there will be a red and a white button on the right side of the screen. The red one means record, the white one means take a photo. Red means record video and white means take photos. To focus the camera, tap the area you want to have in focus.

There is so much more that you can do with a drone but its important to get comfortable with the basics first and familiarise yourself with the rules of having a drone. You can download our checklist and view it quickly before very flight here: drone-check-list jpg. If you now know how to set up your drone and want to buy one click on the link below and order your DJI today!

The DJI Mavic pro is $999 which yo can purchase here.

The DJI Mavi pro platinum (which) is what I have you can buy for $1099 here.

The spark is $399 which you can buy here.



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