Tips that make waiting while traveling more fun

In my experience with travel, it involves a lot of hurry up and wait. Most flights require that you get to the airport at least three hours before your flight, tours and ferries often about half an hour before. Buses are the best because they only require you to arrive fifteen minutes before departure time. What this usually means for us, is a mad rush to get ready and then a long wait of sitting, waiting and whining. If this is how you feel when traveling, then hopefully these tips will help make the wait more bearable!

Write in a travel diary

So many unexpected, terrible, wonderful, happy and entertaining things happen when travelling. Take some time to write them down or if you are on your way, take time to write down your thoughts before you know what it is actually going to be like.

People watch

Airports, tours, trains, ferries and buses are perfect places to people watch. The screaming children, frantic parents, excited first time travellers in amongst the frequent flyers who have it all figured out. Although try not stare too long, that’s rude.


When traveling, you are often busy planning where to go, how to get there and enjoying being where you are so take this chill time to Instagram your I’m on my way post or post about what you have been up to in the past week! I never seem to find time to go online when we are in a new place but waiting for your transportation is the perfect time to do it.

Plan your route 

Why not use all this extra time to go online, check what sites are recommended, what you want to see and plan the best route. On our first trip we didn’t have a plan which was great but it meant we did a lot of walking, now we look at the map and plan a route that saves us time and money!


I do not recommend this if you are traveling alone as having your things stolen is a risk you take! But, if you have someone on guard, by all means have a power nap and get ready for your trip or, if you are headed home, for the working week ahead.

Have a drink or a snack

Naturally, when you get bored you want to eat (well I do) so have a drink or something while you wait. However, keep in mind that train stations, airports and bus stops are notoriously expensive so I recommend packing snacks or you could be spending €7 on a very small orange juice! We have made this mistake before and your money is better spent on kayaking or a walking tour!

Take a selfie 

If all else fails, take a selfie with or without your travel buddy. We always compare the before we travelled picture which is filled with excitement and wide grins to the after one which is less enthusiastic!

Always carry playing cards

I always carry a pack of Paris branded cards with me and we have spent many hours sitting in airports, cafes and even buses playing endless games of uno, speed and snap. We tend to get pretty competitive, which has drawn the attention of some concerned stares but the times goes by much quicker and we have a lot of fun.

Other options include:

  • Reading a book,
  • Browsing the shops,
  • Listening to music,
  • Scrolling through social media,
  • and striking up a conversation with a stranger!
Playing Uno at the airport in Croatia!

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