7 things to do Sunny Split, Croatia

Lying in the region of Dalmatia on the Eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea is the second largest city in Croatia — Split. With its towering green palms that line the promenade, cyan coloured sea and the pale stone palace, Split is the perfect place for a summer vacation! Offering a combination of rich culture, Roman historical origins and beautiful beaches, Split has something for everyone and makes for a delightfully diversified holiday. Here are some of the things we think are must do’s when visiting Split!

Have a Drink on the Riva

Take break from the sun and enjoy a cool cocktail (or a big beer) under an umbrella on the Riva. This promenade overlooks the ocean and it is the perfect spot to sit, relax and enjoy being on holiday. Keep in mind the drinks at these restaurants and bars can get pretty pricey so be sure to check the cost on the menu before ordering!

Go to a Market 

If you’re in the market for a souvenir, a gift or some fresh fish, then visit the many markets in Split. We spent ages perusing through the stalls covered in lavender, Croatia t-shirts, jewellery and many different kinds of food! We visited both the Green Market where we purchased a shot glass and a painting and the Fish Market where were tempted to buy some prawns but as or accommodation was not nearby we decided against it. These markets are the perfect place to purchase some food for later and have a picnic in the Marjan Hills.

Have a Swim at Bacvice Beach

One of the popular beaches in Split, Bacvice Beach is located fairly close to Old Town and Diocletian’s Palace. The narrow strand of sand is surrounded by ice cream and chip trucks with a selection of bars close by. The bay is fairly shallow, and we found we could swim for miles out and still be able to stand!

Marjan Hills 

Surrounded by trees and spectacular view points, a walk through the Marjan Hills is a must when visiting Split. Away from the city centre, this is the perfect location for a packed picnic and a swim. We strolled down the dusty trail for hours without seeing a single soul. We were eventually reunited with civilisation when we came to a rocky spot with easy access to the water. Careful to keep an eye out for sea urchins, we had a long swim and then enjoyed a packed snack.

Day trip to Krka National Park

The National Park is just over an hour away from Split and it is especially beautiful! Home to waterfalls, fish and beautiful landscapes, we thoroughly enjoyed swimming and walking around the Krka National Park. However, I recommend visiting as early as possible, there were so many people when we left that it was almost impossible to move.

Diocletian’s Palace and Old Town 

Go on a tour of Old Town and Diocletian’s Palace to get an idea about Splits history. The Palace was built in the 4th century AD for the Roman Emperor Diocletian. Half of the palace was meant for the emperor’s personal use while the other half was for the military garrison. Even if you’re not interested in learning about the history, I would still recommend strolling around the charming palace and Old Town.

Go on a Boat or a Catamaran

While these excursions can get expensive (around €94) I believe it is the best money we spent on our trip to Split. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and bottomless drinks are included in the cost of the catamaran tour and you get to visit many of islands surrounding Split with a walking tour in Hvar on the afternoon stop over. Dance the day away, meet new people, go snorkelling, swimming, enjoy the delicious drinks, food and finally watch the sun set over Splits harbour as you sail in from sea.

Tip: the ice creams in Croatia are the most delicious I have ever had since my life, so definitely have one whenever you get the chance!


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