20 Essentials to Pack on a Trip to Kariba

When we were little whenever we went on holiday to Kariba (or anywhere), we used to play car games like “I spy”, “car cricket” and “in my grandmothers basket”. In my grandmothers basket requires that you remember each item on the list before adding another one until someone forgets something on the list. When you go on a trip there are so many things to remember, it’s easy to forget to pack some of these little essentials. So, to help you remember all the things to put in your KARIBA basket, here’s a list of things we recommend you pack for the trip!

1. Fishing rods and reels;

2. Fishing tackle — Tiger/Vhundu tackle: traces, a variety of hooks, and some live bait – which you can catch there. It might also be an idea to try spinning for tiger with a small piece of bream fillet for some more active fishing. Bream tackle: sinkers, smaller hooks and worms;

3. Fishing bait — worms (can be bought on the road), game blocks and mases;

4. Swimming costume;

5.  Light clothing;

6. Slops/sandals;

7. Sunglasses;

8. A wide brimmed hat;

9. Long sleeve fishing shirts;

10. Medical aid kit;

11.  A good book;

12. A camera;

13. Board games and a pack of cards;

14. Torch;

15. High Factor Suncream;

16. Mosquito muti;

17. Binoculars;

18.  Bird/wildlife books;

19. A speaker;

20. A kikoi.

And then there’s the food and drinks and all the other essentials but thats a whole other list which we will be compiling for you in the next month!  If there’s anything we left off the list that you usually take to Kariba, please get in touch and we’ll add it here.

If your looking to book a trip to Kariba, get in touch at fromzimbabweto@gmail.com, have a look at Royal Game Houseboat on our website or fill in the contact form


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