What’s on Our travel Essentials List?

What you pack for your travels could end up making or breaking your trip. This can range from the clothes you bring to the type of bag you take to the way you pack your bag. There are a few things we have picked up through our year of traveling around Europe that made our trips easier, more convenient and a lot happier. In light of our time here coming to end we thought we would share them with you and do our first ever GIVEAWAY! To enter take a look at our Instagram page.

Our leather passport and ticket holder

This has been super helpful when checking into flights and getting on the plane. We always know where our passports are — no last minute panicking — and it always goes in the same spot in the back pack where we can access it easily (Enter our contest and WIN your own in our giveaway).

Airport authorized see-through toiletry bag

We hardly ever (if ever) pay for luggage to go into the hold so we have invested in a small toiletry bag with airport size approved bottles for shampoo, conditioner, tooth paste etc. This has been really helpful as we can refill the bottles and clean them easily after each trip. Also, there’s no hassle at the airport trying to put toiletries into the plastic ziplock bag.

Eye mask

A couple of our flights have been in the early hours of the morning and an eye mask is a must have when trying to sleep in the airport or even on the plane. If you’re not a fan of the sleep mask, a cap will also do the trick!

Travel Journal

If you’re like us and want to remember what you spent, what you did, when you did it and any momentous occasions or memories, then you definitely need one of these! They are also great for beating airport boredom with a game of 0’s and X’s just remember to bring a pen!

Pack of cards

For anyone who has ever watched our Instagram stories, you will know that we are Uno professionals at this stage! We have played cards on boats, trains, planes, buses, dinner tables and balconies all over Europe.

Power bank

We use maps for everything when we travel which kills an iPhone battery faster than you can explore any city/beach/destination. We actually have two now!

A good backpack

We have a Thule one and a k-way one, both are water resistant which we think is a must when buying one. They both have several pouches for your laptop, camera, passport bag etc.

Our K-Way duck feather jackets

We got these in Johannesburg airport on our way to Europe last year and they have been one of our best buys ever! They fold up into small bags and can be attached to your back pack if you don’t have space.

A water bottle

Initially, we spent a lot of money buying water bottles from everywhere we went which gets expensive (when you add it up) and it’s not great for the environment. We recommend you invest in a water bottle to take with you but make sure it’s empty when you go through airport security!


Definitely get yourself a good pair of headphones and if you need a travel playlist for your upcoming trip have a look at ours here.

There are obviously so many more essentials you can bring with you on your travels but these are few of the things we never leave the house without! Tell us in the comments what’s on your travel essentials list.

Stay tuned or follow the blog to find out what clothes we recommend packing and what gadgets we take with us on all our trips in the next two weeks.


2 thoughts on “What’s on Our travel Essentials List?

  1. A pack of cards is such a great idea! Will definitely be adding that to my packing list. Agree with you on a travel journal as well!



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