The ultimate shopping List for your upcoming houseboat trip!

Being on a houseboat in Kariba is the perfect holiday in paradise, but there is one small catch to this enchanting and spectacular encounter in nature — you have to do a BIG grocery shop before you go. There is so much to remember and once you’re on the water it is not that easy to run out and grab anything you might have forgotten! While Spurwing island have helped us out a few times in the past it’s best to try remember everything the first time around. To help you do that, we have compiled a list that includes almost everything we usually take on our holiday to Kariba!

There is a lot on this list so feel free to add, subtract and pick and choose what suits you.


⁃ Eggs


⁃ Lamb chops

⁃ Steak

⁃ Pork chops

⁃ Mince meat

⁃ Beorewors

⁃ Chicken pieces

⁃ Bacon

⁃ Cold meats

⁃ Sausages


⁃ Cheese

⁃ Cream cheese

⁃ Feta

⁃ Butter

⁃ Yoghurt

⁃ Milk


⁃ Crackers

⁃ Bread

⁃ Rolls

⁃ Potatoes

⁃ Cereal

⁃ Muslie

⁃ Porridge

Tea time:

⁃ Tea

⁃ Coffee

⁃ Sugar

⁃ Sweetener


⁃ Biscuits

⁃ Rusks

⁃ Chips

⁃ Biltong

⁃ Nuts

⁃ Chocolate

⁃ Haribos (that’s a personal favorite if you can find them in the shops)


⁃ Water

⁃ Wine

⁃ Beers

⁃ Soft drinks

⁃ Tonics

⁃ Soda water

⁃ Gin

⁃ Amarula

⁃ Whisky

⁃ Savanahs

⁃ Mazowe orange


⁃ Tomato sauce

⁃ Sweet chilli sauce

⁃ Mayonnaise

⁃ Chilli sauce

⁃ Balsamic vinegar

⁃ Olive oil

⁃ Oil

⁃ Salt

⁃ Pepper

⁃ Gravy power

We usually buy these last so the stay good for longer!


⁃ Banana

⁃ Oranges

⁃ Apples

⁃ Grapefruit

⁃ Pineapple

⁃ Lemons


⁃ Lettuce

⁃ Onions

⁃ Cucumber

⁃ Carrots

⁃ Olives

⁃ Cabbage

⁃ Avocados

⁃ Mushrooms

⁃ Eggplant

⁃ Tomato

⁃ Beans

⁃ Butternut

⁃ Pumpkin

⁃ Gem-squash

Other necessities:

⁃ Toilet paper

⁃ Dish washing liquid

⁃ Bin bags

⁃ Cloth

This list won’t have everything you need but it might help you remember a few of the essentials! You can add the amount you need according to number of guests and nights on the houseboat.


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