About Us

Untitled design (64)We started this website as way to share our travel experiences while studying our Masters in the Netherlands and travelling Europe. In doing so we attracted a business opportunity! It was always our goal to move back to Zimbabwe but we learned so much from our travels and education in Europe that we wanted to be involved in giving others the opportunity to do the same. We are currently working with two Universities in the Netherlands and we are hopeful that we will be assist students from Zimbabwe to study in the Netherlands.

We have affliations with Royal Game Houseboat and you can book all trips directly through us. We also offer a service of booking flights to and from Zimbabwe, organising accommodation, getting discounts on bookings for accommodation in Harare and Kariba.  If you want to see more of Zimbabwe we can assist with arranging bookings in other regions such as Victoria Falls, Gonarezhou and Nyanga. These arrangements will be booked in accordance with the budget you give me. Please email fromzimbabweto@gmail.com to get a quote for these services. Untitled design (64)

Who are we?

WARWICK HATTINGH — “I have always been interested in a multitude of things from flying to irrigation to sport and anything to do with the outdoors, whether it be camping, fishing or photography. So when it came time to make a decision on what I wanted to study, it seemed business was a step in the right direction. It is this knowledge from both my degrees at Rhodes University that gave me a solid base to expand my learning at a Masters level in International business in the Netherlands and the UK while traveling and getting educated on the ways of world. I am currently finishing my degree and learning all I can about the world of international business management.”
SHANNON WILSON — “I have always loved fairytales, poems and books of all kinds. My practical Journalism degree at Rhodes University only enhanced that passion. During this degree, I worked on a number of blogs aswell as photography and videography projects in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. I continued my education in Netherlands at Utrecht University, doing a Masters in New Media and Digital Culture which enhanced my theoretical understanding in digital marketing. I am currently working in Amsterdam, traveling Europe and learning all I can about lead generation, brand building, web development and social media management.”


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Our Blog

Our blog is about all things travel, study and learning about life! Be sure you check it out and vote for our blog here on the Top 10 Travel Blogs website by giving us a thumbs up! 

You can find us at ‘The Daily Struggle’, ‘Top 10 Travel blogs’, Travel Animal  and on the Utrecht University blog page. 

For more information on Zimbabweto and what we do send us an email at fromzimbabweto@gmail.com or fill in the contact form and we will get back to you.

Thanks for reading!

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